Unseen Tears

Leaning on a leaf
Standing in the woods
Here the aged trees sway.
With the wind and gravity
Amidst the extreme silence
In the passing air
A flea happily dreams.
She feels a heartbeat.
Smiles with joy
Would-be mother she is
Carefully flies now
Weak though,
The playful kick reminds her
No more lonely is she
Thus remains stronger in mind
Suddenly a bang in the leaves
The branches shredded off.
Stamped along with her wish too
The flea permanently closed her eyes
Nevertheless, did she know.
Some dreams never become true.
And the woods carry the memory.
A flea, unborn baby and her dream
The wood-cutter and his parted ways

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He felt that his head is puffing up from excess of thinking. He knew that he should finally relax, take a break from work, even if it is brainwork, supposedly, effortless. Pounding pressure agonized him, he felt as if it pushes his eyeballs.

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