Amidst the woods that’s bathed with the moonlight,
There runs a spring that sings melodies of gladden delight.
The queen moon thus in dancing with the ripples seeks pleasure
And the music of the tiny pebbles beneath, adds up to her rapture.
The sardines struggle to catch the delightful moon
But in vain goes the strife as catching her is no boon.
In such a melodious plot where the poet seeks shade
There reigns the solitude where beauty never fades.
The song of the mockingbird and the dulcet Nightingale,
Garnish the breeze that blows amidst the showers of hail.
The sweet fragrance that wades across the milky valley,
Refreshes the sordid soul, wearied with the world’s sully.
Thus, I do beseech my dear damsel come and hold thy lover’s hand-
Let us wander in the quiet bowers and amuse our hearts
with the nocturnal band.
Let us rest by the shore and listen to the silent song
Of solitude and nourish our love that lasts daylong.

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The hulk
The hulk
4 months ago

Amazing.. i can see a future poet in you..👍👍👍

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