Second Life

My senses ached as though
Some venom I’d drunk.
The poison opened its wings
And slumber did slowly creep
Within my fading youth.
My heart sank within my breast
My soul hit hard ‘gainst some crest.
All my hopes shattered; dreams died.
But my faith in Thee was ne’er tired.
Yet I questioned the prayers
I bestowed upon Thee:
Had they brought any wealth upon me?
In the dark and desolate room
I lied and analyzed my gloom.
With no help extended ‘gainst my doom,
I saw Death, fearing time’s fearful loom.
In my people’s tears did I wade
To lose them I was afraid.
I found myself in a dark land, forlorn
But the battle was on, the battle was on:
Battle to breathe, battle to survive
Battle to smile again and see the sun rise!
And Thou, Mon Vieux, my Angel saw me in pain
And, eventually, took pity on this little thing again.
In a fortnight’s time I could feel alright
Life was full of light; and the nights bright.
My youthful days were merrily back
The mirror of life had no crack.
After an age long strife
I got my second life.
Merci, Merci, Merci!

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