Chakradharpur* in Solitude Lines composed during a visit to my friend’s place in Jharkhand during the monsoon of 2021

What solemn silence is this?
What calm night?
Where is the population gone?
Where is its eternal plight?
A lonesome pig shambles
across the beaming street:
Hungry li’l creature,
Slave of his greed.

I stand in this quiet balcony
To see the city slumber.
The stray dogs bark
Like the monsoon thunder.
O, this highway in Chakradharpur is now lovely,
dark and deep.
As Juliet for her beloved, from her
Window does peep,
I too stand on my friend’s balcony
To watch the town in its dark symphony.

Is this night too drunk to talk to me?
I see the ‘nocturnality’ walk fearless –
Not afraid of love, nor of death.
What life is it that I see this night?
The cloudy sky bears a gloomy hue.
But look at the blooming night – what solemn view!

Come I’ll show you the irony of life –
It wakes with the rise of Apollo
And slumbers with the coming of Aphrodite!

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