We’re in Haste!

The way the days have passed
Time run as if the train is in haste
To celebrate the born day
I was awaiting thousands a way
When the day came
Relieved I from all the nonsense blame
God has given me a precious Life
Ignoring all imbibe negative drive
Comfortable I was in the midst: cherished & loved
Tried to rejuvenate myself with genuine judge
Teary eyes shine expecting hope
Seeking support from all the hard core
Aloof remained one all days a year
Gathered to integrate all disputes to clear
One and all strive to create memories
How a day can comprise everything of reveries!
Fruitful felt by the one who born to celebrate
Remain all the time busy bee to leisure proclaim
Realized later on the gone moments in blame
When visit all my nearest; fortunately sprouted lessons of moral claim
It’s a Century of being practical
Lost in gradual progress of sense palpable
I am not so forward but of a split heart
But to remain one of the part
We have to get rid of mind which is
full of dirt expecting depart!

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