Who Will Save Us?

Who will save us?
in the midst of afflictions,
Afflictions that are on the very
far top of man’s hands!
Who will save us?
on this slippery path
of the planet,
slippery path difficult
for humans to level
with dry sand!
Who will save us?
from this very crooked road
of life,
Crooked road difficult
For humans to straighten
with their effort!
Who will save us?
from this life,
This life where one
Does not mean what one says!
Where one behaves differently
From what one has in mind!
Who will save us?
From the people we genuinely love;
But unknown to us,
That these people genuinely loathe us!
Who will save us?
From the powerful supposed
holy humans
That lay their hands on us,
And vocally sound blessings on us;
But ironically mean, and purge out
Curses on us from the inner!
Who will save us?
Who will save you now?
Now that the brain behind
Your agony is the one
You rely upon!

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Beauty with brain bounded in her body frame
Grown to save and mend the broken soul
Arise, awake to break the wall of sorrow
Born to rule my uncleaned and unsolved life.

Unfortunately, I lost to be a Mimesis!

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