The rose- a paragon of beauty
With sharp spikes to ache
Yet, who desires not it to hold ?

Marriage- a honey communion of two souls-
Have pains plenty to plug
Yet, who wishes to live alone?

Life- a concept of creation
With sorrows more than joys
Yet, who does’t desire to live long?

Sleep- a sweet boon at the day’s end
Assures NO gurantee of waking up tomorrow
Yet, who denies a sound sleep after a day’s hard work?

Revolution-brings desirable changes
At the cost of life and blood indiscriminate all around-
Yet, has someone there to reverse His bloody approaching?

All lovely creations stand on destruction of something,
Adored and taken care for long-
Yet, who else there at mid sweet night not to crazily destroy himself?

Image source:pixaby


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